Faren Artis – Urban Massage

Faren Artis has been a licensed massage therapist for 12 years. She is an intuitive bodyworker, who believes in first listening to you and your body, then following through with a massage that is designed for each individual’s needs.

Many modalities find their way into her massages, but the primary focus is on deep tissue, therapeutic massage. She never gives the same massage twice. Faren began her massage career at East West College in 2008. She recalls being a scared young adult trying to make her way in a foreign environment, not feeling she was capable of excelling. But over her time at EWC she grew as an individual, as she came into her own as a massage therapist with skill and purpose, finally graduating in 2009 as a strong, independent, and confident woman. Faren’s career as a massage therapist has led her to many roles. She has managed a team of massage therapist in a clinical setting, worked in marketing and sales, and even opened and maintained a successful massage practice in the middle of a pandemic.

Faren Artis, LMT 13043 SE 84th Ave. Suite 6 Clackamas Or 97015

Appointments 503-786-2844