Dr. Marlena Kennedy – Kennedy Natural Medicine

I graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in biology in California. During school, I learned various forms of diagnosis and treatment, from nutrition and botanical medicines to pharmaceuticals. I have always resonated with supporting the body’s normal function through good fuel, exercise, botanicals, and nutrients before jumping to pharmaceuticals or more invasive interventions. Using a holistic approach, I take the time to assess the health of every system in your body to address your condition as a whole, including structural, mental, and emotional health.

I use functional lab evaluation and kinesiologic testing to determine which systems of your body are under stress and what specific treatments they need to heal. With these methods, we save time and money that may have been wasted on treatments that your body didn’t need.

As a physician, my goal is to remove roadblocks to your health and unleash your body’s own healing ability, so you feel better without just suppressing your symptoms.

Dr. Marlena Kennedy, ND